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Transfert Vidéo Sur DVD

Whichever format you want to transfer to, we are able to turn it into a DVD.


By making a video transfer to DVD you can enjoy any video on your home DVD player or on your computer if it has a DVD player.


Which format can be transferred to DVD or digital?


- VHS, VHS-C, Mini DV, DV-Cam, Digital8, Hi-8, 8mm video (NTSC or PAL), Betacam, Betamax to DVD

or MP4 on USB stick or external hard drive


If you have VHS tape memories that have not been transferred to another media, transfer them NOW! 

The quality of the image left on the VHS tape depends on a number of factors, including:

Was the quality of the original VHS tape a cheap or quality tape?
How was the VHS cassette stored? Was the VHS tape vertical (ideal) or lying flat?
How many times have VHS tapes been read ?
Has the tape been rewound ?
Has the tape been damaged?
Call us  to find out what we can do to help you transfer your VHS tapes. Even if the tape is damaged, contact us before further damage occurs.
We can transfer your Betamax videotape to a DVD, hard drive or other device. Like the VHS videotape, the Betamax band is also degrading and we strongly recommend moving the Betamax band now. Many Betamax bands that we transfer show their age and once lost quality, they disappear forever.



8mm, Super8, 16mm transfer to DVD or AVI, MP4 files


We can transfer your old home movies to DVD, USB or Hard Drive for a convenient and permanent solution to film degradation, allowing you to easily play your digitally restored home movies right on your TV or computer!

Whether you want to do a film transfer for a Regular 8, Super 8, or 16mm film, our transfer system assures you of the highest quality transfer available.

Background music and Title Screens can also be added as a special request.

No more setting up the movie projector. No more burned out projector bulbs. Just insert your DVD or USB stick in and voilà, your old movie memories come to life right on your TV or computer!

A great way to archive your old movies for years to come. Get the best possible film transfer at a reasonable price.
Our 8mm, Super 8, and 16mm film to DVD, USB or Hard Drive transfers and digital restoration are all 100% digital which means that you get the cleanest image technically possible. All of our services are performed in-house. 8mm, Super8 & 16mm film transfers.



Vinyl, cassettes, ¼ inch tape, to MP3 or CD



Videokom provides an audio transfer service that can handle virtually all your audio conversion needs. Whether you want to convert CD to MP3. reel to reel audio to MP3 or cassette tapes to CD or flash drives.

Our vast array of audio conversion services and equipment can convert many consumer and professional audio formats to CD or MP3 digital files. Plus, all our audio transfer work is done in-house here in our Sherbrooke facility, so you can rest easy knowing that your precious memories are being well taken care of, and aren’t being shipped off to a third-party company or another country to be processed.

Just think of it, now you can take the classics with you anywhere by converting your old audio formats. After we transfer your records, audio cassettes or reel-to-reel tapes to CDs or MP3 files, you’ll be able to enjoy them on CD players, computers and mobile devices.


At Videokom, we can convert most types of audio to CD or digital files, including:



Photos and slides converted to files



Where are your photos right now?

Are they fading away in the extreme hot and cold temperatures of your house?

Maybe they are getting damp and mouldy in the basement?

Are they stuffed into the back of a cupboard gathering dirt and dust, or worse being squashed?!

Let Videokom save your photos from being lost, forgotten or damaged, choose our professional photo scanning service.

We will then scan them, rotate them, and then return them back to you in digital format. We also return your original photos along with your newly digitised photos.

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